Best Ways to Pack for a Hike to Avoid Back Pain

We are officially in the last month of summer, so it is the last chance to hike in the warmer weather. With the hotter conditions, you might be extra with your packing for a hike, as you might want to bring more water and other summer essentials. But adding more to your backpack for your trip might affect your back due to all the extra weight. Efficient packing for a hiking trip helps you from overpacking and having so much unnecessary weight to carry.

You will find out about what essentials you need for your outdoor adventure and things you can leave at home for this hike.

4 Tips to Efficient Packing for a Hike

Hiking is a great activity to exercise your body and be one with your natural surroundings. But you often pack like you are going for a camping trip and not a two-hour long hike. The essentials to bring on a hiking trip helps you avoid overpacking. If you suffer from a back problem, you’ll be thankful you didn’t bring extra weight on your hike.

Make a checklist

We always want to overly prepare for a hike, but we forget the entire adventure might only be a couple of hours long. To avoid the probability of you packing too much for your outdoor excursion, create a list of items you will need for your hike.

Include the following items in your checklist:

  • Map/compass
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and purifying kit
  • Extra clothing

Define your hike

Summer adventures require more water to bring to avoid dehydration, but how do you know how much water to bring? Mapping out your hiking trip and getting an estimate of how long it will take to complete the hike helps define the amount of water to carry. A good rule of thumb for packing water is always to have at least two liters of water, which should be enough for a small hike.

Have a supportive backpack

Hiking up and down a mountain is hard on your back without the right support. There are backpacks especially made for back support, with durable straps and cushion on the back portion. This type of pack is how to prevent your back from hurting during a hike. Look into purchasing a bag made especially for outdoor activities, which can also give you enough room for all your essentials.

Consider packable or collapsible items

Many items you bring for your excursion might have a version of itself which is space-saving for packing for a hike. Find the packable items helps you carry more things with less weight on your back. You can find many collapsible items at your outdoor store or online.

Packed Too Much on Your Back for Your Hike?

If you already have back problems and are carrying too much on it for a nature activity, you are bound to have issues you can’t get relief from quickly. Khavkin Clinic offers effective pain management solutions for those with muscle or body pains. Request an appointment with us today!

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